Welcome to St. Bernadette’s

St. Bernadette’s Senior National School, Quarryvale, is a co-educational Primary School with 20 members of staff, and a student body of over 220. As the school, the parish and the local community have grown and developed over the past 31 years some things have remained unchanged – the dedication and motivation of our staff, and the spirit and co-operation of our children, parents/guardians and community.


Since the school opened its doors in the present building, 31 years ago, the area has experienced dramatic changes as the local community and locality grew and expanded. Recent development of a shopping centre, hotels, retail outlets and business parks has dramatically increased the size of the area, and has put Quarryvale ‘on the map’.

St. Bernadette’s Senior National School has also embraced change and innovation over those years which helped it become the magnificent school we are all so proud of today.


The parish of Quarryvale was developed in the suburbs, during the early 1980’s, to provide the necessary housing needed for the ever expanding city of Dublin. As families moved out from the city to new homes in Quarryvale parish a school was needed to cater for the education of the children.

A site was selected on which to build the schools. This site was originally part of a large farm and the area on which the schools are located was the orchard! St. Bernadette’s Junior School was the first school to be built in Quarryvale in 1982. As construction of the Senior School was not fully finished Mrs. Carmel Anderson, Principal of the Junior School, kindly allowed the Senior School occupy a block in St. Bernadette’s Junior School, until construction work was completed.

St. Bernadette’s Senior School opened its doors to pupils on 21st September 1983 in the block in the Junior School nearest to the main entrance.  The school opened with two classes and the first teachers in the school were Mr. Jim Frisby, Principal and Mr. John Nagle, Deputy Principal.  Later that year Mr. Jim Ryan joined the staff followed by Ms. Mary O’ Shea.

Construction work on St. Bernadette’s Senior National School was finally completed in 1984 and the four classes and their teachers moved from the block in the Junior School into the new St. Bernadette’s Senior School building in May 1984.

Once the Senior School building was open pupil numbers began to rise rapidly. During the following years a rigorous building programme commenced. The new estates of Harelawn, Greenfort and Shancastle were built. With all the new houses came families with children and the school grew at an exceptional rate.  Over a two year period the number of classes had risen to 13. The numbers continued to rise, peaking in 1987 with 660 pupils. In the early days the school was built on an open space with no walls or fences enclosing the campus. On a fine day, during break, some pupils would often wander into adjacent fields ‘to have a look at the horses!’

To date over 3,000 pupils have passed through the school. Over 90 teachers, both permanent and temporary, have also taught in the school over the years.