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Third Class Clean Up!

    Our third class children went litter picking and have tidied up the whole school! The litter picking is part of our ongoing Green Schools programme, masterminded by Ms. Greene (yes, really!). All sorts of rubbish makes its way into the school.    

Cycle on Wednesday (COW)

We are having a COW (Cycle on Wednesday) on 1st October 2014. Parents , teachers and pupils are welcome to cycle to school on the day. Extra space will be provided in classrooms for bikes, scooters and flickers. Cycling is a great way to exercise and does not cause pollution like cars. Pupils are encouraged [...]

Our Green School Gets Greener!

  Welcome back to school everyone! This year in green schools we hope to achieve a third green flag for all our hard work in conserving water for our school.  World Water Day 2012 We have created top ten tips lists, raised awareness with our posters, monitored and evaluated our progress by checking our water [...]

Second Green Flag Awarded!

We are delighted that we will shortly be presented with our second Green Flag. We received our first green flag last year for litter and waste management and this year the Green Schools Committee has been working towards our energy efficiency flag.  We have been reducing the amount of energy we waste in our school by [...]