School Library

We are fortunate enough to have four extra rooms in our pre -fabs. It was decided to use one of these rooms as a library for the children.Thanks to funding from the Dormant Accounts we were able to include this library in our school.

In February 2009 we started the task of ordering books for the library. The children in the school were consulted before we ordered any books as they completed a “wish list” of books that they would like to have in the library. As the library will not benefit from a librarian we decided to install a computer system to help with the management of the library.

As the book orders began to come in parents, children, SNA’s and teachers came to our assistance to help cover, sort and shelve the books and organise the library. The combined energies of all involved have given the teachers and children a beautiful library.

Retired Principal Jim Frisby opens the library.

The library was opened in May 2009 with an official opening day. The children enjoyed their first visit to the library and speaking to the author who visited the library for the day. Each class from 3rd to 6th is allocated time for a weekly visit to the library where they can read, research and enjoy the library. We hope that the children will benefit from the library for many years.